This bachelor project focuses on creating an erotic magazine for the sex-positive community surrounding techno music, showing sexuality from a point of view that opposes the heterosexual male gaze.

Exploring the feminist and queer point of view of nudity and sexuality, the aim is to provide the experience of exploring known and unknown pleasures, learning and challenging ideas while creating a new printed, erotic magazine experience, one without a bitter aftertaste.

See the online version of the magazine here.
The final product, Hedone, features reader-submitted poetry, sexual fantasies, and quotes, whose visual interpretations blur the lines between erotica and porn. It features digital and analogue techniques including illustration or photo manipulation as well as daring, abstract and unusual ways of representing sex and sexuality.

Through continuous experimentation, focusing on ambiguity and inclusivity, where gender characteristics are often lost, the magazine aims to address a larger audience and let them relate to the content.
Issue 1: 102 pages, 19,5 x 27cm, 100% original content