"Moods refer to a temporary state of mind and are a central aspect of what makes us human. With so many facets, the human experience is worth exploring and Section of wants to capture it by creating a place where curiosity, knowledge and culture can be combined."

With this choice, we are exploring each mood in its different, sometimes contradicting forms, just as they appear in the human consciousness. Each issue takes the reader on a journey through a particular section of the mind, discovering its various aspects and perceptions. 

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With written content ranging from consumer guilt, guilty pleasures, and travel, all the way through to addiction, we would like to highlight the diversity and contrast as well as the core of each mood which is personal experience through the visual identity of the publication. Featuring visuals with an almost surreal feel, we want to highlight that guilt usually appears just inside our heads, so it's almost not real. 
Issue 1: 72 pages, 19,5 x 27cm, 100% original content